The Snowy South?

Dear Readers,

On Saturday night, I went to sleep and hoped for snow, because the forecast promised it, but didn’t REALLY believe it, this time it was! The whole family woke up to snow! Not just on the roof and car and backyard but miracle of miracles, it was still falling!!! It fell all day and I have to admit, it was kind of magical.

Quiet and beautiful, there was a kind of hush that settled over me as I watched it come down, and turn everything to snow-covered dreams.

Other than movies and manufactured snow, I have never really seen this much snow before.

It was beautiful ! I got to play in it with my family and for just a second contemplated moving north, like Canada or Wisconsin, then I got super cold and said, “No, I think I will just enjoy it while it’s here”

It got me thinking, what are we missing out on because we want more of it, so we fail to fully appreciate the here and now. I wish I could bottle that feeling and the pictures will just have to do.

Think About It.

Look! Snow!
She really liked throwing it!
Yes, his nose is a cactus!
Snowball fight!
Ready, Aim, Fire!

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