Birthday in Quarantine

Dear Readers,

Today is my birthday, and I definitely like to really celebrate every year. Most of the time, it’s a birthday week or weekend, not a birth(DAY) because as my good friend Jessi says, “I do what I want!” especially regarding my birthday.

When it hit about December, I started thinking, my birthday is really not going to be “the usual” this year. I mean, how could it be? Lockdown and social distance, do not exactly go with loud and crowded karaoke bash, which is what I have called my parties before.

This year was bound to be different so trying to lean into that and accept it, instead of railing against it has been my stance. A friend said, “you have to do something” and so I started planning.

It actually led to something awesome.

First, no karaoke and no in-person meet up meant I could decide to have several celebrations, not just one. I really like to take the whole week or weekend as it turned out, this year. Started with cookie delivery from my husband and daughter!

She did the dishes for me!
TIFF’s Treats! If you are in Austin, try them!

Secondly, the family Birthday day! Breakfast made for me by my partner.. (no pictures because I ate it)

Then, socially distanced, 8 feet apart outdoor coffee!

If you mask, be “extra” about it!

Then cheesesteaks and cookie cake- (my new favourite birthday meal)

Masked up!
My Sweet husband had them decorate a slice!

Finally, on my birthday, a zoom call that was fully international and full of love. So many people I love on one screen.

Viv stopped by for a hi before bed!

It would be easy to complain about the birthday party I did not get or the hugs or high fives I missed, and I am doing my level best to look at that glass as half-full.

What is a good thing to come out of all this social distance?

Well, for me? A zoom call with people who are all at least a state, of not a country away, that would not have happened without the need for creative virtual meetings. What are you embracing because of social distance?

Think About It.

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