Thank you for the music…

Thank you for the music...

(insert ABBA here) Dancing Queen in particular.

When I hear the song, “Dancing Queen” it reminds me of 3 things.
1. When I first moved to Austin, I was staying with a friend who came home to hear me playing it on his cd player and said, “my cd player is confused about its identity”
2. When I was driving from Austin to St Louis and my car died and white smoke came out of the hood.
3. The movie Mama Mia and how much fun I had watching that movie with my good friend Sharon and then the joy I had in getting it as a gift from some dear friends of mine so I could enjoy it over and over again.

and then #4. This morning I heard it while listening to the soundtrack on my ipod nano and working out for the 10th time since the year has begun. It’s starting to get a little easier, and I hope eventually when I work out, I can wear this face you see above as I work out and truly enjoy it like some other people I know. I keep taking it one step at a time and hoping it will get easier and so far it has. Maybe it will also become fun. Who knows!!!

The words we use determine the life we live.

What words do you use to describe yourself?

happy, go-lucky, positive, to name but a few.

But for years, I have also called myself fat, not good with numbers,  or just plain not good enough in general. It’s hard to admit that despite being a very upbeat person I struggle with feelings of insecurity, but I do. Just as someLen reading this might be feeling right now. Just today, I found myself

saying, “I am not a runner” referring to the 5K I am 

walking in next Saturday, but then thought about 

a second and added , “yet”. Because before I walked 3 miles I had to walk one. Before I lost fifty pounds, I had to take a series of smaller steps,which included saying, you “CAN DO THIS” to myself along the way.

So I choose to be my own cheerleader and eliminate as much negativity from my speech as possible!

What words will you say today? Will they empower you to do things that you have never done before?

Will you love yourself with the words you use. Please don’t limit what you are capable of tomorrow by talking badly about yourself today. 


Words can lift us or bring us down.

What will your words do? Think about it!