Pay it Forward Whenever You Can….

On Halloween, someone hit my car in a hit and run and as I walked towards my (fully paid off car) I squinted in the sunlight and thought that’s odd, I don’t remember that dent or those white marks and as I got closer I realized someone has hit my car and I started to get really angry as I approached.

Then I noticed a white piece of paper on my driver side door which pointed to my windshield where someone had scrawled a note that said, I hit your car, I am so sorry, here is my insurance information and my phone number please call me so we can figure out the next steps. I was mollified by this while remarking to myself on the irony of the car being paid off and NOW it gets hit. I was thinking about it and saying you know, it’s not a whole lot of damage and I have been there before about 7 years ago and when the person reported the accident my insurance went up by a very large amount and it was just a small dent and life has been very good to me lately (see that paid off car!!!) so I decided to let it go.

I called her and talked to her and let her know that I wasn’t going to pursue it. She was so relieved and thanked me profusely, she also insisted that I let her buy me lunch (we work in the same building) which she is doing today. So a situation that could have been negative has now turned positive. I think that is a story and a message worth sharing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating you not report people in an accident where major damage and bodily harm are done, life is life and sometimes horrible things happen but I think that in a case like this one, you can afford to let some things go. I am all the happier for it and wanted to encourage you to find a way to “Pay it Forward” today.

Think About it….

A small gesture to you can be the world to someone else

Hello dear readers!

I do my best to pay it forward and go so far as make my birthday the “give everyone else a present and don’t tell them” day…


Today, I woke up a little late, didn’t get my work out in, (will be doing it tonight!!) and was overall not in the greatest mood. I had in mind a gesture for a team member at work and almost forgot due to all these complications and “life” getting in the way. Man, am I glad I took another minute to do it.

What took me a few minutes to think of and then put together cost me literally nothing but time.

The look on her face and the gratitude that she expressed will stay with me long past today’s early frustration. It occurred to me that if we all took a beat to do something nice for someone else, it might just improve a rough or already good day.

Think about it!

Good Customer Service

I work in the customer service world and I pride myself on being an excellent provider so it always makes me very happy when I encounter good service in the world. I had just such an experience with the US Postal Service and a lady named Cindy. I will be filling out the survey and I made sure to mention it to her boss to let them know they have great employees.

It made me think of the world and how we have tremendous power to influence and inspire others. That act of good customer service had me smiling on my way out the door, holding the door for others and making sure to find a way to “pay it forward” any way I could.

I fervently believe that one good act helps another happen and that ripple effect can have a healing effect on the world. What can you do today to help?

Think about it!


Wave it forward, will ya?

I was driving home in rush-hour tonight and navigating the methodical stop and go flow of traffic and despite numerous allowances by me to other drivers,  (6) I received not one wave of courtesy. I do not expect a wave every time, but usually on a typical day I can count on one or two. Not one. This put me into a foul mood. I have no rational reason to be upset, those other drivers very well could have been unaware of the driving benevolence I bestowed… but come one.. not ONE?

I know that the opinions on this vary greatly but since this is my blog I will go ahead and put mine forth here and now. Its pretty simple. When in doubt of whether a wave is needed, wave.

I have a theory that the world would be a nicer place if we all waved at each other in traffic when a favor is done for you. I know it seems like a small thing and quite the far-fetched theory but stick with me. If you pay it forward, by buying someone’s cofffe in the drive thru behind you (try it sometime, its tons of fun and not too much moola) you don’t do that in the hopes that someone else will do it for you, you do it because its a random act of kindness and it makes you feel good and likely makes someone else feel good and before you know it we have a ripple effect of everyone in the world being nice to each other and people smiling instead of frowning.

Now its acknowledged that traffic is unpleasant and sitting in it mind-numbingly dull and the tendency toward quick tempers being riled is high. So, the next time you are in traffic and you need to “get over” even if you think you have plenty of room and the driver behind you didn’t “really need to go out of their way to let you in” wave it forward, will ya?

What are some things that get you steaming mad?

What do you do to cool off?

What is your prferred method 5 miles over, 5 miles under or just at the speed limit?