Not failing. Experimenting!

The following statement seems like a cop-out or an excuse but it’s the pure unvarnished truth.

You do not fail in life. You experiment and try things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I tried being a sales person for a computer company and that experiment did not go well. I understand computers but not how best to sell them, took me almost a year to admit that was a failed experiment. I experimented with running and found it not for me. I prefer walking. I experimented with spicy foods and despite being a native of New Orleans, failed to find my appreciation for them. I experimented with cooking and found I prefer my husband do it. (he is better at it and I really don’t enjoy it).

But you know what, if I hadn’t tried running, I wouldn’t have discovered that I love to walk for exercise. If I hadn’t tried to sell, I would not have discovered that I prefer customer service to sales. and so on and so forth. So the next time you start to tell yourself you are a failure.. Stop and say, “Back off man, I am a scientist” instead!  All movie quotes aside, there is a lot of power in the words we use. So say, I am experimenting and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

As a wise friend said to me many times. What do you want? What are you doing to get it? How is that working for you?

Lost weight, gained perspective

Since January 1st, I am proud to say, I have lost 38 pounds. That looks so weird in black and white and yet it is 100% true. I never thought that would happen.

Let’s review my goals for the year, shall we?

More coffee, and face to face with friends, less Facebook. I am spending lots of face to face time with friends, still struggle with the less Facebook piece.

Read 10 books – I have now read 4

Lose 50 pounds. I HAVE LOST 38 POUNDS. Besides that, I feel great, rested and healthy.

So I have 12 more to go, I am really excited when the day comes to tell you I have lost 51 pounds because that is what it is all about. Making goal, Meeting that goal and beating it.

What are you working on? What kind of help do you need? How will you change one thing today to make a difference in tomorrow’s results?