Hurry up and fail, take your time to get quality results- Be a tortoise not a hare!

Think for a second about the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare-

Slow and steady wins the race, you hear that and think yes, but I KNOW I can do it faster, or use this shortcut or find a quicker way to do this task, why would I take the time to slowly, methodically do it?  Well the answer is simple. You hurt yourself by giving up the opportunity to learn. Think back on the last time you had something you had to do that was difficult, there was a process to get there and likely it wasn’t rocket surgery. Now, after you completed your difficult task, did you get a feeling of accomplishment? Yes and no shortcut would be nearly as satisfying.

In our society of hurry up and go, its very tempting to use a microwave when a crockpot will do the job much better.




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