Acts of Kindness

I gave a homeless person 5.00 today. I don’t tell you this to brag about myself, because 5.00 isn’t really that much. Now, I don’t know if he is really homeless but he seemed to be in need and was grateful. I normally do not do that, justifying to myself, I work hard for my money why should I just give someone else that hard-earned cash? Then I stop and think, what if that were me, standing outside in the cold and rain and I had fallen down on my luck (doesn’t really take much) a job loss, a health issue. There really is a thin line between us all as humans. We all hurt, we all suffer, we all love, and we all laugh some more than others.

Yes, you and I work hard for our money but that doesn’t mean we should be miserly with it. I think about that around this time of year and I am ashamed to say this is the first Christmas that I am not thinking hard about “What am I going to get?” , I have been thinking more and more, I have everything I need. What can I do or say to give something back?

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