No More Milk Chocolate

Three years ago, I joined a gym. I went but not regularly and never saw a drastic weight loss.

I continued eating chocolate, fatty foods, and drinking soda because I rationalized, “I go to the gym”. It will all work out in the wash. Not so much..

Right around Thanksgiving, I gave up soda, and considering its complimentary at my workplace this is a real testament of willpower. Surprisingly enough, I don’t miss it at all.

In early December, I took a hard look at my track record. Exercise but no change in diet. Now I have a slightly better diet but no regular exercise. Obviously something has to change. Since I made that decision, its become a lot easier to avoid tempting foods, so it truly is a mind over matter situation.

As of January 1st, my husband and I will be starting a paleo regime. I am careful to call it a regime and not a diet, as my intention is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. In addition, I will be working with a personal trainer. I am confident that the simultaneous acts of better nutrition and better exercise regimen will result in a healthier body and weight loss. Originally my goal was to lose 50 pounds but I realize that would be selling myself short. My goal is longer life. I have lots of things to do on this planet and would hate for one too many chocolate bars to cut my life short.


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