Going for the Gold- 2013 and Beyond!

As we say goodbye to 2012, and we move into the new year.. My, my where did the time go?  I am mindful of the different things we all do to work towards a goal. The recent Olympics serve a an excellent template for how to go for “GOLD” in your life. The time that is devoted to one simple goal, “Gold” made me realize that while obstacles may seem insurmountable, they aren’t. I find that in going for the “Gold” in your own life you can use that as a way to keep in mind the important components of that.

 G- for Good.. “Perfect is the enemy of the good”-Voltaire Sometimes you find that while you strive to be perfect, you will fail every time, but good is often enough of a move forward.

O- Be Open to Obstacles. They often help clarify something you didn’t know or expect and can be guideposts to the next step in what you want to accomplish.

L- Listen. Listen. Listen. We have one mouth and two ears, you should bear this in mind and listen twice as much as you speak. Something someone else says or does could be the key to your forward motion.

D- Dedication. Focus on your goal, ask others for help, and if necessary, rededicate yourself after a setback. Think about how you can “Go for the Gold” in your own life, work, and relationships.

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