50 blog posts, 10 minutes a day and something simple

This is my 50th blog post and I have been honestly struggling with what to write. I had a few ideas earlier this week regarding patriotism and the history of our country. I thought about posting details about my complete lack of adherence to paleo this week and the gaining of 7 pounds that came with it but realized because nothing felt strong enough it was not time to write.

I do my best to write once a week, usually Tuesday because it let’s more of the weekend set in and according to some statistics I have studied, Tuesday afternoon is a prime time for bloggers and blog watchers to read posts…

I decided none of those things mattered and therefore didn’t post. 

I realized I was trying to come up with something meaningful or profound but in truth it wasn’t until tonight that I was inspired to take pen to paper or the modern version, finger to key…

It was only after watching a Ted Talk ( I am so very fond of them, and plan to give one in the future) about taking 10 minutes a day to “recalibrate your brain” by doing nothing. I mean literally nothing. No email, no phone, no television, no radio and just let your brain have thoughts without judgement. Previous to this the only experience I have had with meditation is that its my favourite part of any yoga class because at that point I am relaxed enough to let my brain rest or more recently watching Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love” struggle to meditate and quiet her mind for more than a minute.

You are likely thinking you need incense and the ability to pose like a champion gymnast but you don’t. I sat in my recliner, and set my timer for 10 minutes. I closed my eyes and started breathing. I will not lie to you and say it was easy. I found myself distracted by everything, the hum of the air conditioner, the sounds outside, the itch that suddenly made itself known on the back of my knee, wondering what time it was and trying to suss out exactly how much longer I had before I was done. I then thought about what Andy Puddicombe said, when was the last time you took to do nothing and I literally can not remember and considering that your brain is responsible for so much and processes so much, my poor brain needs a break so I shook it all off and just focused on my breathing and then all these ideas started to come to me and I let them just happen, no judgement and just let them flit by like colorful, but undeveloped film and then my timer sounded and I realized exactly what I wanted to write about.  

Here’s a hint, I had this idea to post a blog while I was meditating, not before and this is only after 10 minutes, I wonder what could happen when I do it 10 minutes a day for a month? What could it do for you, think about it….

Here is the Ted Talk referenced below


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