Balance is Everything….

So my motivational photo shoot has come and gone. Sad face. It’s hard to come back to reality after such a fantastic departure from it.

So to be accountable and honest I will tell you, I haven’t weighed myself in a week to try to motivate myself. Yesterday I stepped on the scale to see where I am and I am back up to 247 which is disheartening, especially because I worked out first and yes I know you gain weight when you gain muscle but its still tough.. when I was at 241 just two weeks ago.. but that is okay, I will persevere because I realized something. The goal is better health and weight loss. Both goals are important, and the balancing of them is just as important as whatever number flashes on that scale.

I think its easy to forget that a year ago, I wasn’t working out at all but recovering from appendix surgery ( I could barely walk ) and was in an incredible amount of pain. So a year later, not only am I consistently working out (every other day) and eating healthy, I am continuing to find ways to enhance our life including but not limited to not feeling guilty when we do eat ice cream and other assorted yummy goodness. I am giving up the guilt and I have my husband to thank for it. 80% of the time we eat healthy and abide by paleo.

The other 20% are just going to exist and I am excising the guilt. Thank you Jeremy, I appreciate the balance you bring to our lives daily but especially in this matter.


What could you stand to let go? Think about it!

4 thoughts on “Balance is Everything….

  1. i think you are wise woman for focusing your energy on ‘better health’ aspect of why you are doing what you are doing. weight-loss is a part of that journey it sounds like but what’s more important is your health and i’m glad you are getting rid of the guilt and focusing that the WAY majority of the time you are rocking it!

    i know when i was going through my process of losing 40 pounds, i would weigh myself from time to time but when i started gaining muscle i did see the scale stop dropping. when this happened i started paying more attention to how my clothes were fitting as compared to what the scale was saying! keep up the hard work!


  2. Scales can definitely be deceiving, we all fluctuate in our weights depending on what we eat, the time of the day, how much muscle we are gaining while trying to lose weight, the list goes on. Be proud of your accomplishments, you have a goal in mind and the confidence and courage to achieve it no matter what the scale misreads this week. 🙂


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