How do you know your life has changed?

Dear Readers, This was a Fabulous question asked by one of the seasoned people in my Toastmasters club during Table Topics this week.

As table topics go, its pretty deep, and I think that every time I speak (thanks to my good friend, Ryan Avery) I do strive to “Not give a speech” but “give a message from the heart” so I touched on some things that have made me realize I am an adult lately but that question can be taken in so many ways so thinking about it I wanted to answer it here.

I know that my life is changed because recently, when coaching someone, I felt my own spirits lift as they “got it” and I can feel good about doing work that matters every day.

I know that my life has changed because now instead of worrying about having enough, or overdraft fees or personal power outages we look for ways to give to others with our time and our money.

I know that my life changed because when I play with other people’s children, I no longer think to myself, “NEVER” I now think “Someday…” and smile.

I know that my life is changed because I am loved and love many and that was not always the case.

I know that my life has changed because this picture of me as a cabaret girl exists, I would have never have had the confidence to do that kind of photo shoot without weight loss and a very healthy body image.


How do you know YOUR life has changed?

Think about it…..

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