Busy…. but busy with what?

Dear Readers,

We all wear “being busy” like a badge. It’s true.. the last time someone asked you how you were, I bet you said something like, “busy, but good” or “busy”.. but I beg the question, “what are you busy doing?” If you are me, that answer might look like this.

I am busy working full-time and being a wife, aunt, daughter and friend. I am also working hard to make our new place a home, not just someplace we go at the end of the day. This does not come naturally to me, as “domestic goddess” is a new label I am trying on…. This is not to brag on me or my accomplishments but to rather have you take stock of your own “busy”

Are you busy saying yes to things you would rather not do? Remember sometimes we have to say yes to ourselves by saying no to others.

Are you keeping friendships that don’t deserve the effort? Sometimes this practice can go on for years, unchecked, I beg of you don’t support friendships that don’t support YOU. YOU deserve better! YOU PROFOUNDLY MATTER, don’t spend another second with someone who doesn’t believe that. Life is entirely too short.

Or are you busy living the life you want, striving for the things that matter to YOU?

Think about it!

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