Its soooo much simpler than we think…

Dear Readers,

As I was watching my niece yesterday, she was coloring a beautiful rainbow of colors and I asked her, “what is that?” and she replied “cking” so that is either chicken or duckling but I am not sure which and you know what? That is okay. It is 100% okay to not fully KNOW what something is especially in the creative process.

Yes, she is 2 and I am 38 but you know the lesson remains the same. It doesn’t actually matter what it is, it just matters that I asked. It just matters that you ask someone ( about their creation ) what is that and REALLY be okay for the answer to be,

“I don’t know yet”

Life is a lot like that if you think about it.. we are constantly creating and defining things and sometimes the question doesn’t have a concrete answer and that is okay too.

While you are at it, reframe how you think about creativity.. it can be either the way the table is set or the way this photograph was taken..

Think about it. IMG_1489 - Copy

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