Gaps in Life Training….

Dear Readers,

Last night I had a flat tire.. well really it was a blowout and luckily it happened close to the side of the road so I was able to pull over and change it myself. but not really, because what I did instead was call my husband (who is amazing for so many reasons) who didn’t make me feel bad about it AT ALL and proceeded to take off his fancy dress shirt (did I mention we were driving back from a fancy event, always the way) and he changed it. I did TRY to change it myself because I SO WANT to be the person who knows how to do this but I don’t. I was able to get the jack out and other items and was working on it when he walked up and said, “do you want me to do it, or do you want to do it?” I said, “no, I am tired of this being something I don’t know how to do” and got the jack out and started slowly slowly slowly moving the car upwards so I could take the tire off and then replace it.. to complicate things a kindly stranger pulled up to help us with his hydraulic jack and I could have been stubborn but accepted it..Jeremy made the comment, “It goes against everything in my nature to let her do this” which made me all the more determined to do it, dang it!!! so got the jack to pull up the car (a lot faster than a manual for sure) and then pulled the lug nuts off.. at this point my back started to hurt and I cried Uncle and just gave in to the pressure of the two “men” who were ready to take it over and watched as they did what likely would have taken me at least 30 minutes to do in about 5.

I was feeling frustrated about it and shared that with my husband and he brought up the very good point, I have never been taught and every time I try, some guy walks up to help and its not that I don’t appreciate it, its just that I haven’t been strong enough to say, “no, I got this…. ” because I truly don’t believe I do. Which I plan to fix TODAY.

I am going change the tire on my car in my driveway tonight where there is no pressure, no fancy dress or anything else or anyone else to help.. no it won’t fix the embarrassment over last night or the other 4 times this has happened where I SWORE it would NOT happen again but it’s a start. I don’t share this lightly, I am embarrassed and I am sure my feminist friends are pretty ticked at me, but I swore to be honest with you, my readers, and that is what I am doing.

I think we all have gaps in Life Training and its our job to actively seek ways to fill them. For example, until I turned 33, I did not know how to budget or balance a checkbook, I do now. I also did not know how to cook, I do now.. So really, this is just a skill I haven’t learned yet.

Think about it, and think about ways to fill your own gaps TODAY! –

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