Be Brave!

Dear Readers,5Kbefore

See that face? ^^^^^^^^^^^That was the face of the person who lost approximately 50 pounds in preparation of a totally awesome photo shoot– for more on that.. see here-

But that was a while ago now— On Cyber Monday, I tried on some jeans and got pretty depressed when they didn’t fit.. so I ate some ice cream. I didn’t work out the next day because I was sad. Then I got sad about the fact that I was disappointed in myself. (pretty vicious cycle, no?)

Last week, I had some Taco Bell because it was convenient and it actually made me sick which I am really grateful for because that means I am giving up fast food. I got to thinking about it and truly fast food hasn’t ever made me satisfied.. it’s just fast and easy. Yesterday, I was eating at the Toastmasters Potluck and I had a second plate and then a third.. this morning I woke up and said.. enough is enough.. No more diets, but a lifestyle change. I will change the way I view food and up my exercise and give up soda. I have done it before, I can do it again. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Today I reached out to a friend of mine who does fitness training to admit that I have bit by little bit stopped losing weight and in fact gained a lot of it back. To clarify for you and to record the truth and point out the numbers for measurement sake….

I have gone from a size 14-16 to 20-22 which makes me really unhappy.

I had setbacks.. My back needing help (May-August) and me exercising less (just didn’t FEEL like it some days) did add to the problem but really its been bit by little bit, too much chocolate, too much pizza, just too much food in general that is tasty and good but not good for you.

I HATE that this is true. But beating myself up about it doesn’t help. It NEVER does. I tell my clients this all the time.. make a plan and follow it, if you don’t succeed, reframe and begin again.

Its easy advice to give, but oh so hard to follow- I am taking my own advice and being transparent with you, my reader in hopes that it helps you to face something you need to be brave about today.

So here is my plan, I have signed up for the 1020 race that happens in March. I did it last March and mostly slow trudged that bad boy but by golly I did it. As the Schmidt’s say ( who got me into running ) “if you don’t have a race to train for, you aren’t going to run.” How true!

Secondly, I have a plan to work out more than once a week, and I am working on scheduling another fabulous photo shoot in March which I feel gives me some time to really work on getting back into shape. We are debt-free now (Its sexy when you say it so I will say it again) We are DEBT FREE NOW…. so I will have to budget for it, but I am really excited about having it in to look forward to!

Thirdly, I am telling you about it, accountability partners matter in this game we call life and asking for help. Help can take many forms, the one I find most helpful, is not negative which is “You shouldn’t eat that” but something like, “You know, I read your blog and does this short-term action (eating a cookie) match up to your long-term goal (healthy heart, body and mind) ? Even easier? when you see me post about working out or moving towards that goal of the 10 mile walk/run. hit like or comment some encouragement. I really thrive on encouragement.

Caveat—There will be moments of indulgence. I still think the cheat one day on paleo works.. but you have to stick to just one day.. and that is the plan.

What do you need to be brave about sharing, doing or feeling?

Think About It…..



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