What did you DO in 2015?

Dear Readers,

I know its not even Christmas yet and I am already bugging you about goals.. well not really. I am telling you to stop and take stock of what you have done. It may surprise you how much you have actually accomplished. A picture truly is worth a thousand words… 🙂


A short but certainly not comprehensive list for me-

  1. We got out of debt (three year goal)
  2. We got a dog (five year goal)
  3. Helped 3 people get jobs as a result of my coaching business
  4. Developed professional development training and hosted an interactive seminar for over 130 people
  5. Completed Advanced Manual for Toastmasters (two year goal)
  6. Chartered the Toastmasters club at HomeAway (three year goal)

I give you this list not to brag.. Okay, cards on the table time…..

I am bragging, but I also tell you this to inspire YOU to pat yourself on the back for what you have done and stop beating yourself up for what you have NOT done.. and remember that ever important word.. YET.

Hey, Jennifer, have you run a half marathon?

Not yet. but I will

Hey Jennifer, have you gotten on NBC’s The Voice as a contestant on Adam Levine’s team for the 2016 Season?


Not yet, but I will (stay tuned for a future blog)

Hey Jennifer, have you gone skydiving?

Not yet. But I will.

Hey Jennifer, have you run a half marathon?

Not Yet… but I will..

You get the drift– What have you done in 2015? Take stock and think about all the things that went well and don’t wallow in what did not happen.

A good friend reminded me, whilst setting goals for 2016, don’t forget to take stock of what you got DONE in 2015. Take a minute to breathe that in, and THEN make your to do list for 2016.

What is your “not yet”…?

Think about it!

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