New year, New book!

Dear Readers,

Every blog I have read today is talking about taking stock, changing, and resolving to do better or newer or slimmer or something of an -er nature for the New Year.

I want to ask a different question.

What will you say goodbye to in 2015? More importantly what will you say hello to in 2016?

I can’t answer that for you, only you can. Only you know what you are truly ready to say goodbye to.. and what you still really want to hold on to.

For me, I have already said goodbye to a few things.

Debt- We became debt-free this year and will whatever necessary to stay that way.

Self-doubt- Okay, I can’t really claim to say goodbye to it but I am sure going to do all I can to kill self-doubt moving into this next year.

Discounting myself- This is a bit tough to explain but basically any time I decided someone else’s feelings were more important than my beliefs, that ends tonight at midnight.

I called this post, new year, new book.. this is because I saw a great image that said… “this year is a 365 page book that hasn’t been written yet – Make yours a good book.. I like that.. I also like the fact that every day is a page to write on…. which means each new day, while a cumulative effort, is also a brand new blank page.

Every day is chance to start over, but I invite you, take stock, figure out what you are ready to say goodbye to and what you want to say hello to in 2016.



Think about it…..

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