DREAMBIGDear Readers,

I am lucky to know a wonderfully sweet guy and a phenomenal world class speaker, Ryan Avery- This is his tagline and I thought it appropriate to use for this post since….. Drum roll please.. and deep breath and authenticity activated—

I am auditioning for NBC’s “The Voice” on Saturday and its a BIG dream.

I could use any of your comments, prayers, good vibes or anything you want to send my way. I have spent the last two years working diligently with my vocal coach and in tandem with a very intense acting program which has ABSOLUTELY made me think its possible even probable! (thanks Richard Robichaux) and I feel as ready as I ever have been for an audition. My husband wouldn’t want the credit but I will give it anyway, his unwavering support and steadfast faith in me has increased my faith in myself so its with that confidence that I stand ready.

The advice I keep getting is to be myself and go “KILL IT” so that is what I intend to do. The hardest part is writing about this and building hopes and positive thinking and “maybe, maybe, maybe” and getting myself built up to it and what if it doesn’t happen? I prefer to think this way.. What if it does?

As Ryan says, “DREAM BIG” so I am doing EXACTLY that!

What would be DREAMING BIG for YOU?

Think about it….

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