30 days to MAJOR results

Dear Readers,

Update on Voice audition– After standing in line with thousands in the cold and windy air in Houston, I felt the MOST prepared I have EVER felt for an audition, every nerve standing on end and confident that I was about to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK– (fitting since we were in the ballpark!! I stepped into the room with 9 other hopefuls and one of the producers from NBC’s hit show, “The Voice”- I sang my heart out, but did not advance. Most important takeaway for me? I KNOW that I did 100% my best, and can only surmise that my “type” is not being cast this season. It always SUCKS OUT LOUD to be rejected no matter how well you deal with it but I am undaunted and will be back next year as well, I WILL BE ON THE VOICE! Adam Levine, I am talking to you!

But back to the reason for this post- Drum roll, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today marks 30 days of eating completely healthy (no processed foods, no dairy, and no sugar)  and I am overjoyed to report the loss of 20 pounds from my frame!!!!!!!     I did a true double take as I looked down at the scale. I said.. that can’t be right.. I haven’t been doing it that long.. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit and I can truly say that in the last thirty days I have formed the habit of thinking like a healthy, fit woman.

It really is all in the framing of what you say. – When offered a sweet treat, I say “I am not eating sugar today. That alone says volumes. I am not eating sugar.. (today) which puts all the power and control in my hands. It opens the possibility that I am in control and am CHOOSING to eat healthy. I used to say, “No thanks, I am being good today”

I love what I read online about that.. “if you say you are bad, did you beat some orphans and club some seals?.. no you ate a cookie/brownie/piece of cake/(insert your feel good food), stop saying you are bad..” The words we use matter- especially in talking to yourself..(thanks Amy Cuddy–)  I have been saying for thirty days. “Think Thin”
“No More Diets” and “Baby Steps” — I am also reading an AWESOME book called “Beck Diet Solution” which focuses on your triggers and what makes you overeat in the first place and it focuses heavily on changing your behavior.. If you act thin, you will be thin.

Sounds revolutionary, right? Well not really.. If you look through all the blogs about losing weight, they all basically boil down to the same thing.. Eat less, Exercise More. We all KNOW what we need to do to lose weight, its just really hard.. so we don’t do it.

30 days ago I was 300 pounds which depressed me, not just because I had worked hard to lose over 75 pounds back in 2014, and then gained it ALL back and then some, I was also struggling with bad habits, I would hit the fast food about 3 times a week because its fast and cheap. I would also have a rough day, or be tired and eat some ice cream because I FELT like it. In turn, I would DECIDE not to work out because I did not “FEEL” like it.

The truth is, I have a pretty big goal, I want to be healthy and fit so I can be in the best possible shape so when the time comes for us to have a baby, I will be in the best possible shape and will have already formed the habit of healthy eating so as to pass it on to our child as a the kind of mom I want to be will involve modeling healthy behavior for food and boundaries and whole lot of other things.. I don’t even know about yet.. Let’s face it.. before people are parents, they make a lot of grand predictions because they THINK they know.. I am excited to take that journey.. but have NO IDEA what’s in store.

By the way, in writing this post, I am in no way saying one number on a scale is any better than another. If you are loving your body and feel great about yourself being a certain weight, SING ON ! This is my blog, this post is about me and I AM NOT FINE WITH BEING 300 POUNDS so I decided to change it.

Back in October, I did an interview about what it means to be TRULY confident.. and it was published today. I don’t think its an accident that its on the same day that I have started feeling much better about myself and how I look and feel. Nice to have those things line up!

For further thoughts on what makes me TRULY CONFIDENT- check out the skype interview I did for the completely awesome Joey Phillipi at http://trulyconfidentwomen.com/

Here’s my interview !! https://youtu.be/fjs8JFw2a4s

For you, what does it mean to be TRULY CONFIDENT!

Think about it… voicew



2 thoughts on “30 days to MAJOR results

  1. You ARE amazing! A true inspiration on setting realistic goals, and not giving up when things don’t go as planned! You are definitely my S-HERO!


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