My birthday wish!

Dear Readers,

Tuesday, January 19th is my birthday! I have a favor to ask of you……

In lieu of presents, I request that you do one “random act of kindness” between now and next Saturday and then tell me about itthankful                                        That’s it.. no expensive jewelry or books or movies.. This is all I want..!

Make someone thankful for something YOU did!

I usually try to give ya’ll a little more notice.. but I was so distracted with The Voice audition I completely forgot!!

Please email me at or comment below to tell me about your random act– It makes my birthday so much more fun knowing that other people helped other people that I don’t even KNOW!!!

If you need some help coming up with ideas.. (the internet will provide) but don’t be afraid to get creative.. if it will help someone smile.. do it!


Think About It!



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