Oh the Humanity….

Dear Readers,DLami

So I heard a speech on Tuesday from my good friend Shauna about what the Dalai Lama has to say about humanity and taking a breath to REALLY take in the person across from you and really live in your present and I have had subsequent conversations about the french fry theory- For more on that you will have to talk to my friend Leanne, suffice it to say its about living in the moment and seizing your life (*and the ephemeral fried food which is only good for about 3 minutes and then its worthless.. Science does not lie*) and really living it. I feel as though I do a very good job of this most of the time but today I was reminded that amidst aggravation and frustration I was talking to a real human and it was my duty to SEE her as a human not as the source of my annoyance. Taking that beat, feeling that mindfulness that Rachel talks about (man I have some seriously wise friends) made a TREMENDOUS difference in the interaction and as a result I feel much more at peace with the world in general.

So my message to you? The next time you feel your ire being raised,  take that moment, look the other person in the eye and see them for the human being they are and give them that breath to be themselves and express their humanity to you and then in doing so, embrace your own humanity….

Think about it….


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