Change one thing..Change everything

Dear Readers,
A very bold statement.. but truly.. since I gave up soda, my ability to give up other things has increased exponentially! Take today for instance, Its a busy day at work and despite being offered donuts and brownies and cake, OH MY! I have resisted each time.

Here’s my evidence, Between December 17th and January 17th I gave up all processed foods, dairy, and sugar.. so in doing that while it was the most temptation ridden time
(Hello Christmas party, and birthday and holiday) but truly once you make the decision to CHOOSE differently, it does get easier. Now notice.. there was a 30 day period.. not 60..

On my birthday, I ate some very delicious not at all healthy treats but I committed to no keeping up the “no soda” bit.. and I sincerely believe that has helped me to keep resisting (not all the time) but MOST of the time with the idea that I want a different result for my health.. so I am going to have to do some things differently to bring about that result. This includes FRESCA which I love.. but its the idea of soda as much as the caramel coloring and flavoring!!

Don’t get me wrong, I still eat lovely macaroni and other items that are not in the category of vegetable or meat…. Important to note: I fail to resist the sweet treats all the time.. but the intentional act of resisting is there, and it is making a difference. The way I see it, every act of resistance, gives me another building block of more resistance, knowing I can do it.. helps me to keep doing it. 

What ONE thing can you change TODAY? The focus on this question is today, because we can’t speak into the future and say, I will never have a soda again, I can only say, today, I will not drink a soda. The picture below is the result of several months of “resisting” shoe shopping.. then after almost a year. I bought really awesome fabulous shoes…

Think about it….. manolosmememe

2 thoughts on “Change one thing..Change everything

  1. Very similar thinking to how I quit smoking cigarettes. “I am going to resist this one craving. Surely I’m strong enough to handle one craving.” Celebrated 10 years of being cigarette free this past November. Keep doing what you’re doing Haston. Please keep encouraging us! Love ya.


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