Slow down, what’s your hurry?

Dear Readers,

When I was singing with my church on Monday, during first Monday prayer (which is a totally awesome event that my church does once a month, its a time for us to gather and pray and we all sit and pray and sing songs.. I love it.

Can I tell you a secret? I used to hate it, because I felt like everyone else’s prayers were more eloquent than mine and so I would strive to be more descriptive and impressive until Monday night. I sang the songs and then when it was time to pray, I said aloud exactly what was on my heart. I didn’t care about impressing anyone.. truly.  That is scary and liberating at the same time. I could definitely stand to read my bible more but the praying thing is a step in the right direction. This post is not about me and how well I pray or even how well you pray.. It is about the idea that you do pray.

When you want for something, if you don’t ask for it, how do you expect to get it? I am not saying God is like a genie in a bottle and you rub that lamp and bam its done.. no. Prayer does not work like that. I have had some experience with this. I have prayed for “patience” in the past and God does not give it to you in a beautifully wrapped package with a brightly colored bow.. It tends to be a bedraggled box that you see on the side of the road that through your gain of that gift becomes the asset you seek. It looks different for everyone so watch for it.

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you are guided by the Universe or Karma, I think its a worthwhile thing to meditate, or pray or contemplate what your purpose in life actually is. Also, there is no one right way to pray or do any of the above. 

I think something that has been weighing on my heart and mind of late is to stop all the busyness. It is often looked at as a badge of honor (and I have certainly said it) “I am sorry I have been too busy to call, write, text, visit, (fill in the blank)” — It doesn’t help that social media lends itself to keeping us in the loop of liking and commenting but not CONNECTING with each other.

So the question I have is.. when saying that.. ask yourself, what are you busy doing?

Are you living the life you want to live? Spending time with the people you want to spend with? Or are you spending time on activities and people that are toxic and don’t add to you or your goals? Really think about that the next time you start to make an excuse for your
“busy”… What are you “busy” doing?

Think About It….

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