Do things before you think you are ready



Dear Readers, today’s post is dedicated to those who are afraid to try something.

Stop being afraid and do it. RIGHT NOW! Start that run, book or blog post you have been toying with doing.. What is the worst that could happen? You would fall?

Maybe, but my darling.. what if you fly? flyflyfly

In thinking back on some of the scarier moments of my life, I have to admit they are followed by some of the most exciting.

I moved to Austin from New Orleans the summer of 1997 and while it was very scary and other than a job and an a one bedroom apartment I didn’t have a friend in the world, it was very exciting to be on my own for the first time- Scary and I definitely made mistakes.. (using my credit card to get into thousands of dollars of debt springs to mind as one)

I worked right after high school before attending college and that was mostly by necessity, because it turns out I didn’t have a magical college fund (don’t you hate it when life is NOT like the movies?) and had to work to earn some money before going to school. I started Austin Community College in January of 1999 and I actually looked forward to going to class, I was paying for it so I was absolutely motivated to go and do well. I asked tons of questions and learned so much in every class even the ones I was less inclined to enjoy.

In 2007, I was asked to stage manage my first show by a dear friend who trusted me to handle it.. Her famous words to me were “You are incredibly organized so I know you can handle this” and little did I know that a few years later, this very valuable experience would lead me to directing several of my own shows.  Scared? yes. Did I do it anyway? You bet!

In 2014, I lost 50 pounds by using the paleo diet and to mark the milestone I planned a glamorous photo shoot and when I did the dry run and growing increasingly more freaked out…frantically went through the costume closet…  I found out… “you will be wearing a swimsuit, because it’s the only thing we have in your size” – At first I was pretty mad, after all I lost weight doesn’t that mean more options should be available? This was not the case, so I looked around for a other outfits and panicked thinking.. how can I wear a swimsuit.. but eventually (due to advice from my Mom and several of my mutually sexy friends) decided to go for it and I must say it was very exciting to me how good I did look. Being scared didn’t stop me and I can tell you it wound up being an incredibly edifying experience. For more on that you can read this post:

When an opportunity came for me to do a workshop for 120 people as a professional coach and speaker I was 100% not ready to do it.. but I said to myself… Do it. you will never feel ready to do it but jump in and say you will. Doing that built my confidence even more and I can honestly say, I was not ready.. not even close.. but I got there..

So back to you, gentle reader, is there something that you want to do, have always wanted to do and just feel scared, intimidated and NOT READY? I have bad news and good news.


Bad News- You will never FEEL ready.

Good News- You can choose to do it anyway…

Think about it….

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