Love is Hard


Dear Readers, My family of choice is so dear to me, and I would not trade them for anything, especially given my horrible, no good family of origin. As for my family of origin, I will say this for them, they brought me into the world and I thank them for that.

Sometimes I get really mad when I think about how much they weren’t there, didn’t support me, didn’t love me the way I deserve to be loved. Sometimes I hate that I care about people who don’t deserve it.

But then my cheery disposition takes over, and then I am grateful I that I do. It means I am capable of feeling more than they EVER did, which ultimately means I loved them deeper than they will ever love me. I am better off because I learned to love only those who deserve it. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, Feel what you feel,(the pain, the anger, the sadness) but KNOW this, you are stronger for the choice you made to leave and love yourself.

Think about it…….


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