Impulse Eating

Dear Readers,

For a long time now I have been actively seeking a healthier lifestyle, I eat mostly healthy food, I exercise and I drink a lot of water.

Of late, this has become even more important as I am growing a human inside my belly. It still boggles my mind to type that. The optimum diet is best for a healthy baby and I know that with my head..but then emotion takes over and the minute things get a little stressful, I run to Taco Bell and indulge the impulse to eat food that is not only unhealthy but contains lots of high fructose corn syrup which continues the cycle.. the more you eat, the more you want.. and it also has a property in it that doesn’t tell you when you are full which is even more fun!

So in talking to my Mom, who is very wise, we discussed it rationally  and logically and she pointed out a few things to try when encountering the impulse.

  1. When you get a craving, why do you have it? Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired? HALT..Stop and think about it! Be intentional.
  2. If you get the impulse to go eat something not very healthy think about it and try to hold of for at least 20 minutes while thinking of all the rationalizations for eating the not so great food.
  3. My doctor has said that the most weight I should gain for the baby is 10 pounds so it is my responsibility as a mom in the making to do the right thing for the baby.
  4. Pregnancy weight is easy to gain, hard to take off
  5. Begin with the end in mind. My end goal is to model healthy behavior for my child. That means that I need to have healthy habits myself that she can emulate


All this is NOT to say that there will not be times when I eat cake and chocolate and yes, even Taco Bell.. I know that I will give in to the impulse but at this point, I am trying hard to “THINK” before I “EAT”

I think it’s just as important to discuss the struggle as it is to discuss the triumph so right now I am celebrating the fact that I didn’t eat Taco Bell or other fast food for lunch today.

Think about it!

2 thoughts on “Impulse Eating

  1. i feel you on this impulse eating especially when it’s so easy to say “eating for two!” i have been WAY over doing it on the sugar front. what i decided yesterday is that anytime i’m craving something sweet and unhealthy (and have already had too much) i’m going to picture feeding it to our newborn (like another piece of chocolate cake going straight into the baby’s mouth). so far – it’s helping. thanks for sharing this!


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