Planning isn’t everything…



Dear Readers!

We went on an epic road trip (12 states in 10 days!) recently to celebrate being debt free! Let me say that again, we are DEBT FREE! This was also our “babymoon” which is something I only heard about recently from my fellow blogger and friend, Chelsea!

This is a trip you take to celebrate the two of you before you add another person to your family.. FOREVER!

I am going to go on record saying that we had some things planned but a lot of them were not.  (shock, gasp, and gaping inserted here) – My company was VERY generous last year and awarded me with a free vacation rental stay (my first) for excellent performance.      (Go me!) – so that was planned.. but everything else was “stop as we are tired” which by and large actually worked out much better than expected— color me shocked and surprised because I REALLY like to plan.. for more on this see this post–

One of my favourite things that happened, was that because we had NOT planned each and every detail of an itinerary we were able to stay an extra day in Florida on the beautiful white sands of the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH and find it the most tranquil place to be so that made the vacation an even sweeter one. Which would not have happened if we had “stuck to the plan”- We also didn’t know that our sweet friends Mike and Leanne were going to show up in Nashville and surprise us while we did our debt-free scream live and in person with Dave Ramsey himself!  (thanks again y’all!) (this did take planning, so if you do want to do one yourself be sure to contact the office in advance.. it’s about a 6 week wait right now and you also have to do it within 6 months of getting debt-free)

Here is our scream if you would like to see it..


Also not planned– we did a stop in St. Louis to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins.. what we didn’t know is that my aunt and uncle were going to put us up in a very swanky hotel towards the end of the trip when yours truly REALLY needed some room service and some luxury amenities!

So what has this taught me? Well I still like to plan and heading into parenthood I am doing a fair bit of planning but I am coming to realize, planning is not everything.. it’s definitely important but it’s not as important as I thought.


This represents some major thought process change for me and I hope it helps you re-examine how you “know” some things to be true.. All I ask is that you …

Think about it….

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