Stop texting and driving!


I know this is a hot topic, at least it is for me.

I am 24 weeks pregnant, My baby is the size of a half an ear of corn and I am really getting excited about meeting her, please don’t deprive me of that chance because you needed to “like” “comment” or “text” someone. Does that sound dramatic to you?

On my way in to work today, I saw at least 5 people texting while they were driving. One of them nearly hit me, another went into the wrong lane and someone else honked at them to correct them but NONE of it was necessary. Just put the phone down or wait till you are where you are going.

No text is worth it.. please for the love of all things sacred, including the people who love you and would miss you, STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING!!!

I gave this speech last year and I am proud of it, but this is still a problem, so do your part and don’t text and drive.. please!

Here are some words from the StopTextsStopWrecks team-

We live in a connected world where multitasking is second nature and communication is instant. This, coupled with the compulsion to stay connected at all times, makes drivers overly confident in their ability to ‘safely’ text and use their cell phones while driving.  Many drivers believe that they can practice unsafe driving habits such as “driving with their knees,” “glancing up and down from their phone,” or “creating singing vines while driving,” but these drivers often do not realize how many consequences these behaviors can cause. It’s imperative that every driver remembers- all distracted driving is dangerous.


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