32 Weeks Pregnant!!!!!

Dear Readers,


A picture is truly worth a thousand words.. right?

You know how you know something is true.. but you don’t really “know” it till you ‘KNOW’ it? Well, on Saturday I had that day.. I have been (along with my husband, my mom and some very thoughtful friends, you know who you are!!) collecting toys and clothes and all the other things MiniMac (I am JMac at work.. so my team named her MiniMac which I love)  will be needing and it was only when I got home and started putting things away into her closet and turning off the light and shutting the door to HER room that I bumped into reality..


Not just an idea of a baby or a dream of a baby or a hope of a baby.. but a real, live, flesh and blood, crying, needs to eat and sleep and cry, talking (eventually) baby! It boggles the mind that Jeremy and I have made a person and she is developing inside my stomach (moving at this precise second, actually, hi little girl!)

It seems ridiculous to type this out and make this realization after 32 weeks of doctor’s appointments, sonograms and other clues.. (you know weight gain despite exercise) the swollen ankles and the cravings..having some trouble sleeping..  to name but a few.. but it’s where I am.

I am excited and terrified (in equal measure) for this next chapter of my life.. as a woman, as a mother, (new title) — and how I will juggle work and motherhood and maintain my sense of self.. It’s a whole new world come September 28, 2016 and I am really excited to meet our daughter, so weird still to type that and think that, I am about to be someone’s MOM!

I can hear her now.. years from now – when she reads this.. going.. wow.. you were really excited to meet me.. Yes, little one we are! We are so excited to be your parents!

So I turn my eyes to you, dear reader! What exciting chapter has just started or is starting in your life? Is your child about to turn 3 years old, are you about to start trying to have a baby? Are you buying a house? Whatever it is, embrace the experience because it’s the life you live and every second it is moving faster and faster.. ENJOY IT!

Think About It…..


4 thoughts on “32 Weeks Pregnant!!!!!

  1. I’m excited about the next chapter in the life of my youngest child! He is 22 and just graduated from college! It’s AMAZING when you see the men they’ve become, and also exciting to see where his career will take him, and what fabulous things he will do with his life! I feel like my job as a mom of a 22 and 28, but it never really is! You still get nervous over decisions they make, and still want to voice your opinion but must refrain unless they ask, which is SO HARD TO DO! I’m still a work in progress on THAT part, lol..Thanks for sharing! It’s fun to see your journey to momhood, for the very first time!


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