We really don’t know…




Dear Readers,

I have had a few conversations recently with people about life/work balance and the need to NOT plan everything. Then last night, one of my favourite Toastmasters gave a speech about “keeping your edge and losing the stress”.. a very interesting topic to be sure.

I gave a speech on the topic of “not planning” not too long ago.

To be completely honest, I am still struggling with this as we head into impending parenthood. I fully realize that having a baby means we can plan all we like, but likely the plan is not going to hold.. things are going to go by the wayside or get forgotten but I think as long as I stay true to myself and be who I truly am.. which is an encouraging, positive, realistic person who is always trying to learn… things will be okay.. in fact, not just okay, but pretty  great.

Yes, I have questions about what this next chapter of our lives will yield, but I can’t answer them. No one can. I came face to face with this reality sitting in the prenatal class where medical professionals who have spent YEARS studying the female anatomy and the process of childbirth and they can’t answer any questions which is maddening to me because I have been “question girl” for ALL my life and I revel in it. I have to report that it has stood me in good stead in my career, in my life, and in my relationships. Allow me to state for the record, saying you don’t know is NOT the worst thing you can say.. Sometimes you really don’t, but someone else does.. *usually* and they are equipped to share that knowledge, all that one needs to do is ask… REALLY.

However, I am finding.. the more questions I ask regarding the blessed event to come on September 28, 2016, the less people who I feel “should” know the answers.. just really don’t. They say it with a whimsical smile and shrug of shoulders “we really don’t know” and it’s almost as if they do know but won’t tell me..(paranoia during pregnancy I hear is VERY commond)  but then again, I have to be realistic.. they likely do NOT know.. and don’t want to mislead me.. which I get.. it remains frustrating but understandable.

So when it comes right down to it, I guess I get to wait and see….

Think about it….

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