My faith, my choice!

Dear Readers,

On this blog, I do not make it a habit to beat you about the head and shoulders with my belief in God. Mainly because I have had that done to me and I don’t enjoy it.

I have never been a “shout it from the rooftops” type of gal when it comes to my faith. Yet, I find myself compelled to write about it because I am realizing more and more of the things that make me successful in life have a lot to do with my creator and it’s time I acknowledged that publicly. It’s way too easy to think I am the reason for my success.

I was baptized last year right before I became a mother. It was important to me to do this before my child was born for a few reasons. I had heard many tales of “mommy brain” and thought I might forget, I now realize how silly that is, but the more important reasons were these.

  1. I wanted an outward symbol of my inner belief in God.
  2. I wanted to be baptized.

The first time I was baptized, I was a baby and had no choice in the matter, the second time I was baptized, I was being manipulated into doing so in an effort to please my birth parent, and I felt major pressure to do so and have always regretted caving in to that pressure.

To see more of my testimony, here’s the video-

Here’s the actual baptism-

This time, it was my choice and I was really excited about it, (check out my picture!) Baptism2016.PNG

After the baptism, I have been working on my relationship with God and working my way from being a “baby Christian” and talking more to God, and thanking him for the many gifts he has given me. I am also reading my bible, and realize daily I am a work in progress and God helps me with having patience, and being grateful for the blessings and talents he has given me. I hope that whatever your beliefs you have, you are not afraid to share them, it’s imperative that we all work to be as authentic as we can be in this life. It’s the only one we get.

Think about it….

2 thoughts on “My faith, my choice!

  1. I’m happy you are comfortable in your faith and super proud that you’re comfortable enough in it not to be threatened by others who are on another path.


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