Safety Pins and Smiles

Dear Readers,

Any time I have a project that is daunting, I ask myself, how does one eat an elephant?

One bite at a time, that is how you tackle something. This is not without precedent. When we were getting out of debt, I had wallpaper on my screen that said exactly that. It was a good reminder that we were taking things one step at a time.

So my post today is very simple.

You want to tackle racism and try to help people who are hurting but don’t know where to start and feel like you can’t ask anyone because it might cause a difficult conversation?

Do this.. Smile and wear your safety pin. It may seem small and largely cosmetic, but it’s a start. Notice I said, Start. It’s a big deal to start something new. The smiling part is hard when we feel sad and scared, AND sometimes your smile can light up another person. You may never know it, but you may be the reason someone has a better day. This goes along with my post a few weeks ago about ACTUALLY connecting with another human being in the elevator, before that meeting, at the gym… wherever you are, there are other humans. Do all you can to (as my good friends the Averys say,

“Pump Kindness into the world!”

Don’t beat yourself up about all the things you aren’t doing. START. Do Something.

For those that don’t know, for a time after the election people were wearing safety pins and I was one of them. I wore it proudly to say “You are safe with me” to people who felt scared but I realized that wearing the pin is not enough. My words need action. To that end I am educating myself, I am asking difficult questions and inviting almost guaranteed awkward conversations. Can you do the same? Is that something you willing to do to help heal our world?

In case you want to see more about this ^^^^^^ (article above)

So, starting today, I wear my safety pin as a very small step of support for those who need it.  I don’t want or need credit for this, I am blogging about it in hopes that I can inspire you to do something to support those who need support.

Pray for people to be kinder to each other.

Get involved with your church or your school to support their efforts to stand against racism.

Plug into your friends who are activists, you are sure to have at least one, and if not, reach out to me, I am becoming one and will be happy to have you join me.

Don’t let yourself be stopped by the immensity of the problem, do something!

Think About It. safetypin

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