How can I help with Hurricane Harvey?



Dear Readers,

Today, I am dedicating my blog to allow people to know more about how to help Houston.

  1. We are safe and dry in Austin, Texas. Some of the areas around Austin got heavy rain and wind damage but nothing like our neighbors in Houston. Thank you to all of those who reached out and were concerned for our safety.
  2. In a time like this, everyone wants to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help in the face of such hard times. They want to send money and to send help, and volunteer time and energy and what you can do.
  3. It can be hard to know where to start and you can feel overwhelmed before you begin.

Mayor Adler posted this and it has a lot of concrete steps you can take and places you can give where it’s needed the most. I think it’s comprehensive and helpful, so check it out.

I will add please be wary of scams, I hate that people would try to scam you in a time of real genuine need, but they are out there and they prey on people who are hurting and who are eager to help so be careful.

Also, check with your church and workplace and community (neighbors) to plug into existing established systems to better know where you can help.

If you can’t help right now, rest up and be ready to help in a few weeks, help will still be needed for clean up and help.

#houstonstrong #godblesstexas

Think About It.

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