Treasure the Ordinary, it’s Amazing!


Dear Readers,

I can’t stop thinking about this quote –

“In chasing the extraordinary, we can miss the ordinary moments that we would crave if they were taken away”- Brené Brown

I was reflecting on this today as I pondered our Mother’s Day.

I was more than a little bummed because we had planned to go to karaoke and I had all these great plans to sing song after song but what had happened was, I sang once, Jeremy sang once, and we had a burger, and then we had to go get kiddo from daycare.

I replayed the night in my head and hit a few highlights and then realized, it had actually been a GREAT day and night. I worked an earlier shift so I could have the night off, (thanks Sherita!) then I went to get my nails done to feel pampered (Thanks Jeremy!) and when I got home Miss Vivienne was not awake from her nap yet so Jeremy and I got to take a nap (I LOVE SLEEP) and then I got ready for our date night and got to hang out with Vivienne as we were taking her down the stairs, I asked Jeremy to take a picture because I remember she had done it a few days before but I didn’t have time to stop capture it.


The drop in daycare closed at 8, we had to go get her, and also because they closed at 8, we could go have a family dinner together and while pretty ordinary fare, it was an extraordinary day and night of family togetherness.

What could you be missing out on that’s “ordinary” by searching for the extraordinary?

Think About It.

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