Annie Faust- A portrait in persistence!

Dear Readers,

This post is dedicated to my good friend Annie Faust!


She did something that scared her out of her wits four years ago, she joined Birdhouse Toastmasters because I asked her to come to a meeting. She kept coming to the meetings and learning and being scared and still she kept showing up to meeting after meeting, speech after after speech, role after role.

Persistence in the face of fear, that’s called courage.

Four years is a long time and in that time I have seen her career flourish and her take on roles to speak, to evaluate and eventually to lead and I am so proud of her and her progress.

It must be said, I can’t take all the credit. Yes, I invited her to the first meeting (she didn’t want to go, she told me recently) AND she had to choose to take the steps to go, just like she had to take steps to give a speech, evaluate a speech and choose to be an advocate for herself and her goals.

Here, you can see her giving a public speaking seminar to 42 people! Definitely outside of her comfort zone and she did it beautifully!


She let me part of it so I could demonstrate some power posing Thanks Amy Cuddy! 


You might inspire someone, if you just try.

Think About It!

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