The little things are EVERYTHING!

Dear Readers,

Often I remark to my husband how simply amazing he is. He brushes off the compliment or says thank you grudgingly but every day I am touched in places I didn’t even know I HAD- (back when I was dating losers and SETTLING in every way possible) by the little simple things he does to make my lift better, easier, and just plain fun.

Exhibit A- After our trip away this weekend, he noticed my tire was low and even though he had the next morning to sleep in, he got up without complaint and followed me on my way to work to be sure I didn’t have a blow out on the way to air it up.

Exhibit B- We are moving, which is fun (you get a new place) and annoying (you have to pack) but he is making it really easy by having us pack a little each day (his idea and talk about a stress reliever) especially when I came home the other night to find he had packed the entire garage while I was at work.

Exhibit C- I got a ticket for running a red light yesterday, which is embarrassing and I was so worried about him being mad and he smiled and said, “We will figure it out” and started looking up defensive driving classes and telling me about how we can fight the ticket (which I plan to.. that light was SO YELLOW!) which was such a relief to me because it encapsulates so beautifully his whole philosophy for any obstacles that come our way.

“WE” will figure it out.

After we were married, It took me a minute (read months) to get used to this pronoun, and at times, I resented having to “check in” to be sure “we” were free before making plans or if I was going to be out late with the girls… but now I cherish it.  We are a team, and together we are better and stronger than we could ever be apart.

I could go on and on.. and often do but the biggest point of all this.. is that every day I fall a little more in love with this man who is literally the most understanding guy I have ever met and makes my world a fabulous one.. this picture is an example of how even if he is in pain, (he had hit his toe with a hammer the day before) he will take a foot picture for me..just because I ask.


Ask for what you really want.. The answer might surprise you.

So the other day as I was figuring out the best way to tell my husband that I didn’t want to do something. I considered all the different ways there are to approaching a situation that is unpleasant. Until recently, my favourite and ultimately unhelpful way is to avoid it or hem and haw and avoid the situation as long as possible until you just get pushed into a place where you have to do just blurt it out.

As a frequently loquacious person this bothers me because that approach allows no positioning, no prefacing, and no careful phrasing. I feel a lot like Hamlet(ta) sometimes as I posture and dance and think and vacillate back and forth. But recently, in telling my husband something I was sure he would be angry about, he took it in stride, and it reminded me of how much I am blessed to have married someone who A) knows me well enough to know what I will likely do and say B) Is kind and loving and ultimately very understanding.

So what is my point? Well, its simply this. If you don’t ask for what you want, you will never get it, but if you ask, you just might.

Think about it!